You have been with him for quite some time now and marriage is the next big step. In situations like these, women are terrified to be with men who don’t think of marriage in the long run. There are a handful of signs he wants you as his wife and as a woman, you need to look through these signs and identify the signals. To be with him and to make him happy, you got to go with the flow and remind him that you are here to stay. 

There are some men who don’t show their emotions quite well, so, it is the duty of a woman to look through him. To see the signs he wants you as a wife, you need to be alert of his actions and pay attention to his needs. There are times when men just test their women to see if they are marriage material as well.

If you are still wondering if he will make that move on marriage, here are some of the signs he is showing out clearly to make you his wife:
You Are His Future One of the signs he wants you as his wife is when you are the topic of his future. Notice when he makes plans about the future. If you are in it, then it is a reliable sign he wants to marry you and have a life together.

Getting Domestic With You Getting domestic with a woman is something many men consider and ponder over for a long time. But, if your man isn’t the kind, then he is looking for a realistic approach to take the relationship to another level. Getting domestic with the woman only means – sharing towels, sharing the same clothes, sharing a blanket, perhaps!

Talks About Kids Usually, men don’t like to talk about kids unless they are certain about a relationship. If he brings up the topic on raising kids with you, it only means he wants you. 

He Invests In A Home One of the other things a man looks at before marriage is to invest in a home. Building a home with his woman or finding a security is another sign to look into that he wants to make you his wife.
He Gets Close With Your Parents Men, who want to take the relationship to the next level, turn to the woman’s parents for support, love and advice.

He Wants To Know The Family Better Asking you over and over about your family and wanting to know more about your family is another sign he wants you as his wife. Share with him whatever he needs to know, it is good for the future.

He Looks Into Mutual Funds Mutual funds with you as nominee is something serious to look into. If your man is serious about getting a fund with you, it is for the long term.

Talks About The Wedding Day No man will simply talk about his wedding day with you unless he wants to make you his wife. Get involved with the conversation and be a part of it.

He Is Always There When your man is always there for you, in good or bad times, it is another sign he wants you as his wife. This is an assurance that no matter what, he will always be the shoulder for you to cry and lean on.

Everything Becomes ‘one’ When the two of you become one, it is another sign he sees you as his wife. No man will acknowledge his things to be yours unless he is serious about you.

Invites You To Family Functions If he invites you to any of his family functions, it only means he wants the world to know you are his to be, now and forever.

Introduces You To Everyone He Knows Friends, family, near and dear one – If you are introduced to his world, it is a sign that he wants you as his wife.