Everybody encounters hurdles in a relationship and it is an entrenched fact that no relationship is perfect. With the numerous ups and downs, relationships are a wonderful journey that make us realise the beauty of sharing joys and sorrows.

Whilst such is the case, relationships can go out of gear at times, resulting in contemplation about the future of the relationship. In this article, we look at signs it’s time to end a relationship.

We take a look at signs your relationship has ended. While we look at these tangible signs your relationship has come to an end, our focus is mainly on long term relationships. So let us go ahead and look at signs it’s time to end your relationship.

Here are 10 signs you should end your long term relationship. Read on…

You Are Being Pulled Down

Life has many priorities that need fulfillment other than focussing only on matters concerning your relationship. If you are being pulled down and not being allowed to focus on things that are important, it is a prominent sign that your relationship has no future.

The Fun Element Goes Missing

If you aren’t able to have fun in the presence of your partner, it is one of those probable signs you must end your relationship.

The Trust Goes Missing

We certainly cannot argue about the heightened importance of trust in a relationship. Trust going missing is a crucial moment that might seal the fate of the relationship. If there is a trust deficit, it’s time you ended the relationship.

The Future

If you aren’t comfortable talking about the future of your relationship or if your partner has indicated inconvenience many a time in this respect, your relationship needs thinking.

You Start Falling For Someone Else

If you suddenly have feelings for somebody else and fantasise about that somebody, you’ll soon start losing feelings for your partner. If that is the case, there’s no point disappointing yourself and your partner.

You Feel You Can Have Better Fun Without Them

If you aren’t able to feature them in your plans simply because you don’t feel good when they are around, it’s about time you ended your relationship.

You Fight For The Smallest Things

This is basically the culmination of all the above mentioned things. You suddenly start fighting for the smallest things.

Physical Attraction Goes Missing

This point doesn’t precisely relate to falling for somebody else. Even if you didn’t fall for someone else, you suddenly feel that the much needed physical attraction goes missing.

Communication Gap

Suddenly, if you find yourself reeling under the influence of a massive communication gap, it’s time you sit and think stuff out.

Your Partner Expects Too Much

If your partner’s expectations are impractical and are taking a toll on you, you must ruminate about future implications as regards to your relationship.

Source: www.boldsky.com