Showing-Off Your Love On Social Media Kills Your Relationship Too Fast

In our generation today, though we admit it or not, technology plays a big part of our everyday lives.

Where do we draw the line between personal and public. Which relationship has more life in it, the one in person, or the one online?

Technology provides a giant leap in creating and bringing a solution for communication obstacles and relationships. But sometimes, when we are too caught up with the wonders technology can bring us, we forget and neglect the more important things: relationships, family, friends, love—-human interaction. Although technology is useful in many ways, it can also harm relationships in devious ways.

In relationships today, it’s normal for you to post pictures, posts and videos of the one you love–it’s actually an amazing thing to be able to post the joy of a relationship via social media. It shows how grateful you are for your loved one and provide inspiration for others. But it’s not all the time that this is the case because, sometimes, there are couples who may look all lovey dovey online but then in real life they are nowhere near as loving and sweet as their posts online. Why?

Facebook and other social media platforms has changed the way we make and/or publicize our love lives. But how much is too much? Watch the video and find out how too much showing off of your love on social media slowly kills your relationship.

Hit the play button below and watch the insightful video: