In a time when governments are now resorting to the use of drones to strike down their enemies, there is a secret brotherhood of peculiarly skilled operatives that is slowly fading into obscurity. Heroes to some and ghosts to most, these relics of an era on the outs are now left to renegotiate their place in the ever changing world. To those who can only remember the dark, those very shadows will always be their refuge. But is it possible to shed one’s past, right the wrongs, and move forward with the possibility of a brighter future? To some, redemption comes from powers greater than the self and for others, it comes from the edge of a blade. The question now becomes, at the end of a sordid life, is it possible to redeem oneself from sins and grievances committed in the past? Does saving the life of one innocent, atone for the countless lives of the guilty taken in the past? For some the answer is easy, but for others it is an ongoing theme that they will wrestle with for the rest of their tumultuous lives.