Social media queen, Amina Mucciolo is living the colourful life we all dream of. She lives in Los Angeles and has transformed her flat into a rainbow home. Mucciolo’s own style is as colourful as her flat, with multi-coloured hair and bright makeup.

According to the Bored Panda The designer has taken the Internet by storm after she transformed her apartment into a rainbow. With light purple walls, pastel cabinets, a flower wall, a hello kitty microwave, and colorful paper cranes hanging from the ceiling – the apartment reflects Mucciolo herself as she’s often rocking things like rainbow braids, colorful clothing, and glitter makeup. “It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband,” Mucciolo told Dailymail. “We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.” It’s no surprise the woman is inspiring over 161k Instagram followers every day! Keep on scrolling to check out some pics and

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Source:  Bored Panda , Amina Mucciolo .