So here are seven ways you can stop yourself from overthinking and lower your chances of getting disappointed by your partner’s actions.

Don’t assume that your guy knows when you are mad or what you are angry about

Guys are not mind-readers. Even if what you are angry about makes perfect sense and you think that anyone could get it, it doesn’t mean that it’s clear to him. If your partner did something to upset you, the actions might not have been voluntary because everyone has a different understanding of what’s okay and what’s not. Communication is essential in any relationships so talk it out before you start over thinking about the situation.


Stay away from your man’s social media

It’s tempting to go way back in his social media posts and see what he was like before you two met. However, knowing too much might not be a wise idea. Our imagination gets the best of us sometimes. I know that I let my imagination run wild at times and not in a positive way. It’s easy to overthink things that we can’t directly ask about. So just resist the temptation of trying to find something that you might later on regret.