According to the latest research, shape and size of the tongue reveals a lot about a person. Our parents or elderly ones always used to tell us to control our tongue or be careful before saying anything. Is it because you’ve been speaking too rudely or too much? Can we blame the tongue for the personality trait or behaviour of a person? I don’t think that anyone of us would be able to answer this. Yes darlings, we take so many selfies, with our tongues popping out but do not even bother to have a look at our tongues.
So come, I’ll help you find what does your tongue say about your behaviour.

1. Thick Tongue

People with this tongue type are usually high tempered. They love to dominate in a relationship and also rule at home.
2. Thin Tongue

People with thin tongue speak too much but have a clean heart. These people are straight and do not tend to hurt people (But at times they unintentionally do).

3. Long Tongue

People with long tongue are considered to be wise. And females who have a long tongue love their husbands the most. (The exceptions are always there)

4. Small Tongue

Having a small tongue is a plus point and a negative one at the same time because they speak less and remain calm but they cannot oppose someone easily.

5. Aerodynamic Shaped Tongue

People who have a pointed tongue are explicit and clever by nature. They have ease in making conspiracies and opposing someone.

6. Curvical Tongue

People with curvical tongue do not do treachery and tend to have a soft heart.
From shapes, if we move on to the colour of a tongue, here is what we have.

8. Reddish Tongue

People with red tongue have a different kind of personality and are fearful. These people are especially scared of fire. On the positive note, these people are generally loved by their partners.