1.They may take emotional,moral,physical or financial advantages of you in a daily life because you are being nice and do not have the heart to say NO.

2.They will start taking you for granted thinking “oh he’s too nice,he won’t say anything.Mr nice guy.

3.You may always be the one to bow down out of arguments simply because you habituated to being nice.

4.They will soon start finding you boring.

5.if you are just too nice to your partner all the time,you may find yourself doing all the work..

6.Being too nice may make you the victim of practical jokes because you will not be expected to retaliate.
7.You stop being yourself.

8.you will start living according to their expectation.friend-zone.

9.you rarely say no to request.mugu,maga etc

10.95 percent of nigerian ladies don’t date mr nice guy.

Excess of anything is too bad,it’s good to be nice but not uber-nice…i don’t knw how true this statement is”Nice guy finish last”….be Real