A woman may give you her heart and her body, but there are certain things a woman will always keep from the man she’s in a relationship with. They keep these secrets in the vault for a reason, mainly to spare your feelings or because they’re too afraid to admit what’s really on their minds.

Here are 7 of the most common secrets women keep hidden from the men in their lives.

1. They think about s*x (with you!) a lot


Women want s*x far more than we’ve been allowed to believe. Sometimes they’re just too shy to share their most erotic thoughts and graphic fantasies with you and end up watching those fantasies on an adult website. But why not visit the website with her and explore her wants and needs.

2. They still check up on their exes


Women regularly check in on what their exes are up to via social networking sites. As long as we have the technology, they will never be fully out of our lives or minds. This doesn’t mean they still love them; they’re just curious and are hoping they rot in eternal loneliness.