Happiness is an abstract subject. What true happiness is can be discussed forever. But are there are common rules to follow to learn to stay happy all the time?

Scientists have finally figured out what it is we should do to always feel happy.

1. The way you think is the way you act
Positive thinking can influence your performance. Expert Shawn Achor believes that only 10% of your life is influenced by what is going on around you. The rest 90% is how you yourself react and what you do in various situations. If you make the right decision, the result will always be positive. In order to make the right decisions, your way of thinking should be positive or, in other words, constructive. Build your own happiness by means of your mind. You will never become rich, famous or successful if you tend to clog your head with negative thoughts. Negative ideas ruin you insides as well as your world outside. Constructive thinking increases productivity and energy by more than 30%. Use the power of your own mind!


2. Get rid of negative thoughts
People are different and their temperaments differ. Some of us let negative thoughts control our mind. This causes problems in real life. There are plenty of techniques helping to learn to get rid of negative thoughts. One of such techniques has been developed by a university in Spain. What they suggest is that we should write down all our negative thoughts on a piece of paper and then destroy the paper by tearing it or burning. If done regularly, this method works very well.

3. Making notes of positive things
Be thankful for whatever you have achieved in your life. There are always good things in everybody’s life. Focus only on what makes you happy. Make notes of nice events that have happened and feel grateful for what life has given to you. The fact is that our brain cannot get rid of bad thoughts immediately, however, researchers have proved that what might help is if we start concentrating on positivity rather than on negativity.

4. Practicing mindfulness
Researcher Matt Killingsworth working in Harvard University has carried our experiments in which around 15,000 people took part and proved that in order to stay happy we need to realize every minute of our life. We should not miss the moments when we feel happiest. When we are mindful, we prolong our happiness, trying to memorize and later on remember that moment with pleasure. Do not let your mind wander and distract you from positive thinking. Finally, the expert also recommends we forget about negative past experience and look forward to the future.

5. Assisting other people
Dedicate some of your time to being of use to others. We tend to be too selfish. Of course we should think about our own needs and wishes. However, only when you feel needed by others can you truly feel happy. Spend some of your time and money helping others. You will feel the positive vibes coming from the people you are helping which will make you even happier!

6. Look forward to the bright future
Concentrate and think of what you expect from your life. Be realistic, however, do not hesitate to dream. Imagine what your life might be like in five or ten years. This will help you understand what is really important and what you should focus on. Define your own priorities and start bringing your dreams into reality!