Scientists believes monotonous eating habits are the real deal to lose weight

Nowadays it is very complicated to follow a strict and healthy diet because of fast food that could be seen everywhere on the street. When we want to loose weight, we should find out the best way to do it, because in eating person can do harm to his body and organism.

The study led by National Weight Control Registry gave to the world fantastic results that offered people suffering from overweight hope – now they have a real opportunity to have slim and beautiful bodies.

The results of the study consist of information given by more that 5,500 people who have been loosing weight for more than one year. In general, they have lost around 35 pounds for all this period of time. The secret is – they have made special diet that consisted of the same foods. That means that the next day they ate the same that the ate the previous day. Scientists believe that monotonous eating habits nowadays are the real opportunity to loose weight, even in very complicated cases.

It means that the variety of foods does not bring you to success, not now and not even in the future. In comparison in our ancestors who used to eat only primitive foods, we are suffering now from overweight, but our previous generations were slim and fit.

This way to loose weight seems very realistic and hopeful, taking into account people who have gained benefits from such a healthy eating. Some of then needed several months to see visual results, others tried longer – for half a year. But, nevertheless, this¬†diet works, that has been already proved by thousands of people from different countries. It’s one more strong point is that you can start it in every age, even if you are in your late 60s.