Salsa and Bachata

Who hasn’t decided to start in the gym as a New Year’s resolution? Many people make this decision and only a few days later realize that once again, they will not be able to fulfill their promise. Several studies claim that between 20 and 30% of people who join the gym do not continue a month later. If you are within that percentage, you have not found the activity that really hooks you. 

Are you thinking of dancing? In addition to giving free rein to your passion, there are many advantages that this practice has for the wellbeing of your body and mind. To improve our physical shape and even lose those extra pounds, we cannot start an activity and abandon it soon. Therefore, it is important to choose an exercise that avoids monotony and motivates us. Without a doubt, the best way to burn calories and have fun at the same time is dancing. 

Dance is the complete gym that exists. Not only does it sculpt your body, but it also helps you to have a strict discipline and a lot of mental strength, you learn new things, and you meet a lot of people. Dancing helps you maintain a healthy body by combining exercise with fun.

Without a doubt, dancing makes you happier. Dancing is happiness, and therefore, Latin rhythms are gaining more and more followers. Any type of dance is positive and recommended. However, the difference between salsa and Bachata is that it can be danced every day, anywhere in the world, and at any time. Unlike other dances such as flamenco, hip hop, ballet, tango, swing, etc.

Salsa is the social dance par excellence worldwide. In the last five years, and thanks to Bachata, these rhythms have become popular. Artists such as Romeo Santos, Aventura, Mark Anthony or Enrique Iglesias have brought these Latin rhythms to all types of public. As a result of this, there is a great demand that does not stop growing. More and more young European people are becoming fond of it, which has led to new academies, festivals and concerts to meet this demand. 

Latin dances help social integration, favor personal relationships, whether friendship or love. It also involves physical exercise that improves physical and mental health. In conclusion, people who dance are happier. There are many benefits that Salsa and Bachata bring to fans of these rhythms.

1. Best Ally To Keep Fit:

Salsa & Bachata dancing is a physical activity that is accompanied by mood enhancement. Dance provides a lot of health benefits. Good dancing enhances circulation, respiration, balance, memory, etc. Salsa improves femininity and style in women and improves male romanticism and protection. When we exercise, we begin a detoxification process; Through sweat, the body is responsible for releasing all the toxins that may be in it. It not only improves the figure but also improves the skin. This dance mixes Latin rhythms that help you tone your body, improve heart resistance, and lose weight.

2. Strengthens Self-Esteem And Increases Concentration:

Salsa and Bachata dance help you get in shape almost without realizing it, and that will make us look much better, inside and out. Your focus would also improve through learning how to Bachata. The higher the emphasis on dancing, the greater the disconnection from other things, leaving behind job worries and personal issues. You will accomplish the time for you by dancing that we need so much. Probably at the end of the dance class, you will see things from another perspective and perhaps find a solution for what was worrying you.

3. Social Integration:

Salsa is very social, and everyone is accepted, making it ideal as an activity for single people, divorced people, people who feel marginalized or excluded for some reason, age, race, religion, etc.

4. Promotes Personal Relationships:

Latin dances favor relationships, be they friendship or love, groups of friends are created who make trips and many activities in common. It also favors a couple of relationships since it reduces distances, and it is easier to establish communication with other people.

5. Opportunity To Learn Something New:

As the saying goes, “knowledge takes no place,” and although at first everyone thinks it is arrhythmic and that it will never achieve it, little by little, you will advance, and you will love it. And, of course, shame! Nobody is born knowing. Everything is a matter of practice.

6. Fun And Healthy Plans At Low Cost:

Salseros enjoy going out to dance, a hobby they put into practice not only in classes during the week but also on weekends with social dancing. Going out to dance is a very fun and inexpensive plan. Salseros are usually people who lead a healthy life, who do not drink alcohol while dancing, and avoid copious dinners before starting this activity, so leisure costs are reduced.

7. Improves Mood And Mental Health:

People who dance are happier. This is revealed by several recent studies that recommend dancing against depression since being in contact with someone for a certain time releases serotonin, known as the hormone of pleasure and the sense of humor. This entails a progressive increase in wellbeing and happiness with greater sexual stimulation, improving mood. Also, when you dance, your body releases endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness. These are responsible for making you feel happier while also providing a feeling of wellbeing by reducing stress.

With dancing, there is no lack of laughter. Laughter releases tension and improves breathing. Just with a slight smile while dancing, our body secretes the hormone of happiness. In conclusion, dancing is happiness.