1. Keep ego aside and text him/her a love note

Where there is love, there is no ego. Relax yourself, flush your ego, and text him/her a sweet romantic message. Don’t wait for your partner to send you a message first. It is not about who tried to mend the fight first. But, it is about your love and relationship, which should be free from any ego clashes. A love note will definitely make your partner smile.


2. Hold hands and talk to each other

Sweet, little, physical touches can reignite immense love; something that gets temporarily lost due to a fight or a belligerent argument. Don’t hesitate to make a move. Hold your partner’s hands, look into her/his eyes, and express how much you love her/him. Keep holding hands, analyse what caused the fight, and together, try to avoid that cause in the future.


3. Hug each other

Hugging is one of the best forms of showing intimacy. A warm, cosy hug or a sweet cuddle will certainly blow away all the fights or arguments. Hug your partner, and keep hugging him/her for a long duration. Apologise if it is your fault. Even if you are not wrong, keep your ego aside.


4. Cook something special

Gone are the days when cooking was considered to be the duty of women only. So don’t shy away from entering the kitchen, and prepare something special for her. Even if you are not a ‘Sanjeev Kapoor’, you can easily take the internet’s help and prepare her favourite dish. It may not turn out to be a perfect one, but your effort will surely be appreciated by your lady-love.


5. See your old pictures together

Pictures speak a million words. They have the power to reignite the love which has been temporarily hazed by an argument or a fight. They are the beautiful memories, which you have lived with your partner. Go through all those pictures, and relive all the amazing memories you both have lived together.


 6: Repeat the things which you had done for him/her while proposing

Most of us have a tendency to forget all the special things we used to do to impress our partner. As we get busy with other materialistic things in our lives, we start taking our partners for granted. Bring the spark back into your lives by doing all the things you used to do for him/her. To begin with, you can propose to your partner once again, like you did for the first time. It will certainly rekindle the old memories, and wipe out all the anger.


7. Watch a romantic movie together.

Set up a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom; dim the lights to have a theatre-like feeling, and watch a romantic movie together. Hold your partner’s hand as the movie plays, snuggle and kiss him/her, as the aura submerges in pure romance. And once the romance sets in, you will forget all the fights and disagreements.


9. Make love

When we make love with our partner after a fight or an argument, the intensity of that love is extremely strong and passionate. The ‘Makeup S*x’ is thus considered as one of the best medicines to beat the relationship blues.

In short, you have to make an effort to bring your relationship back on track. Fights and arguments happen, and they will happen. You may not be able to avoid them completely. Therefore, introspect with a calm mind, and analyse where things are going wrong. Work on them, add love and romance to it, and your relationship will be blossoming all over again.