Though it is common to hear women complain about not receiving enough time or attention from their husbands; but a lesser known truth is that most of them do just the same when it comes to their better halves!

Sweet, dear wives, put your hand on your heart, and tell us, when was the last time you showered your love on him, or when was the last time you reminded him of your love with a truly special gesture? Well, if you have not done so in a long time, then you are on the right page. Here are a few, small and special ways that you can use to remind him that you love him, even without saying so!

Bathroom mirror messages

A simple way to brighten your husband’s day is to write a small love message on your bathroom mirror with a lipstick or dry-erase marker.

Though clichéd, the idea is good enough to get your sleepyhead husband wide awake, with a huge smile on his face!

Secret messages

Write small love notes, and hide them in different places, like his shirt pocket, wallet, car, lunch box, or in between files; and let him discover them as he goes about his day.

An unexpected love-note in the middle of the day is a great way to brighten the day for him, and remind him of your love.


Husband’s day

You always put the onus of making romantic gestures and day offs on your husband, but do you ever give them that special attention. Create a special “husband’s day”, where you treat him as a king for the day.

Even if you can’t plan an entire day, then here is a small gesture that you can add to your daily life. You can make special heart-shaped paranthas for dinner, or heart-shapped pancakes for breakfast, or heart-shaped cake for dessert, to give him a ‘not so subtle’ hint into your intentions, every day!

Text some love

Remember the initial days of your relationship when the phone didn’t stop buzzing with sweet nothings from your beloved? Bring that sweet romance back in your life.


Surprise him with a spontaneous flirty or romantic text during the day. This simple thing worked for your relationship during your courtship days, so it is already “tried and tested”, right? So, go ahead, and text him some ‘love’!

Give undivided attention

Women are great at multi-tasking and always have a never-ending ‘to-do’ list. As a result, their husbands often feel ignored and left out. So, next time when your husband calls out for you or is talking to you, drop everything else you are doing and give him your undivided attention.


You cannot show someone that they are more appreciated than by giving them the gift of your time and attention. And, believe us, your husband will love and appreciate this gesture a lot!

Show him off

Let him know that you are proud to be his wife. Whenever you two are out with your family or friends, do point out little sweet and special things he does for you.


But, don’t go overboard in praising your “hubby”. In the middle of the conversation, do let his loved ones know how proud you are, to be his wife. This way, not only will he see how much you love him, but he will also know that his little gestures towards you are not going waste or unnoticed!

Flirt more often

One of the most enjoyable aspects of dating is flirting. It is relaxing, and keeps you on your toes.


But once the status changes to “married”, the conversation is usually commonplace or full of do-this-do-that. This creates a distance between couples that leaves them dumbstruck when left alone. Just because you are now together don’t stop flirting. Try and bring back your flirtatious days back into your relationship. It can all start with helping him tie his tie knot as he leaves for his office, and it can end with playing footsie at dinner table. Sound’s fun?