Dating at work. It’s a topic that splits the crowd every time. Some say it’s inevitable, stick a group of professionals in a room for 5 days a week and it’s not surprising that 50% of workers develop a crush on a colleague. What you choose to do with those feelings depends on your stance on dating in the workplace. There’s a few things you should take into consideration before you decide to pursue an office relationship.


There’s a few things you need to ask yourself about dating your superior and you need to weigh up the cost of being the talk of the office (which you most definitely will be). Every achievement is going to be tainted to some degree- would you really have got that promotion? Would that appraisal really have gone so well if you didn’t serve a killer eggs Benedict to Mr/Miss Boss that morning? You need to think about how things will be if you do split up. Imagine having to see your ex every day and on top of that, they can order you around. The thought isn’t great, but if your ex happens to be your boss- that’s exactly what you’re going to be dealing with. Weigh up the pros and cons seriously before you commit.


If you decide you want to date someone from the office, be extremely careful with how you go about it. There’s a thin line between business and pleasure and asking your colleague out for a coffee might not present clear intentions. It’s important you don’t hassle either, under no circumstance can you make someone feel uncomfortable because harassment in the workplace is a real thing with serious repercussions, so tread carefully!


Before you establish your new found status you should know the office policy on dating and relationships, only 16% of workers know their company’s rules on this. If you’ve decided to become romantically involved with a co-worker you should discuss some ground rules. You’re both individuals who have worked hard to be in the company and you need to respect each other’s roles and authority so lay down the line from the beginning to avoid any hiccups.


67% of office workers think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a work romance but just because you’ve found your perfect match doesn’t mean you can run around the office like a giddy teenager. Remember to keep your work and personal life separate. Any arguments are left at the office door. It’s okay to have different opinions at work, just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you need to back each other up, just remember to forget about it once the working day is done. Staying professional also means PDA is strictly forbidden. Even if it’s by the copywriter and you think nobody’s watching.


Dating someone you’re in an office with can be overwhelming, remember to give each other some space. It’s easy to get absorbed especially when you first start dating but you don’t need to spend every lunchtime with each other! You’ll find you can get isolated from the rest of the office and if things go pear shaped you’ll soon wish you made more effort with your colleagues. Make a conscious effort to have your own working life and just because you’ve found romance shouldn’t mean you ditch your office friends!


Under no circumstance should you talk about the details of your relationship or partner to your co-workers. Just because you get to see your colleague in a personal light doesn’t mean others do or want to. Talking about your relationship even to colleagues you’re close with is not fair nor considerate. You risk both parties feeling awkward and it’s a dangerous boundary to cross, gossip spreads like wildfire, keep conversations regarding your relationship away from prying, office ears.


A very odd subject to present to a new loved up couple but if you’re thinking about having an office relationship, this is the sort of detail you need to cover up front to remain professional. Talk about the ‘what if’ and decide how you would deal with a break up. Being up front is important and will keep your worries at bay so you can enjoy the relationship knowing if it was to end you could deal with it without putting your work at risk.

Dating in the office can of course to lead to healthy, happy relationships it’s just a situation where you’ve got to sync your heart with your head! Still undecided on whether to take your office romance to the next stage?