All relationships are demanding when you are trying to adhere to your partners needs and this is even more apparent when your partner is highly sensitive.

When you are in a relationship it doesn’t take long to figure out whether your partner is thick or thin skinned. Highly sensitive people do not take criticism well no matter how constructive it may seem. What you believe is good feedback, to them is just another item to add to their list of things they do not do well. However, there is an effective approach to sharing your opinions while not hurting any feelings in the process.

The approach

  • If you have something that is not 100% positive to say to your partner be sure to keep track of the tone of your voice and the affect you give off. When communicating with anybody it is polite to have a neutral tone especially when the message is criticism or feedback. However, if the recipient is highly sensitive extra care has to be taken.


  • Never give a sensitive person feedback in public or around a group of people. This should always be done in private. Also, along with saying what is wrong, provide a solution. Never leave him or her wondering how to fix the problem alone. Always come to a compromising solution together while you are talking. Try to avoid saying “you” too frequently. Instead, say “we.” For example, instead of saying “I don’t like it when you,” say “I don’t think we should.” This will make a big difference in making the other person feel like they are not alone.

Give compliments often

  • Give compliments and say positive things to your partner every chance that you get. Highly sensitive people need constant reassurance. The subtlest comment can make a big difference and brighten their day. Compliment him or her on their outfit or their smell. Say, “I love the way you just did that.” Any of these examples will bring a quick smile to your partner’s face.