Here are some reasons why online dating might actually be good for you.

1. It’s Easy

The most popular websites let you scan profiles right away. For example, Zoosk has a one-step sign up; just enter your email and you’re ready to go. You can fill out more profile information later when you’ve found someone interesting.

2. It’s Better Than Blind Dates

Yes, your friends mean well, but blind dates are rough. There’s pressure for the date to be successful. And, if there’s no spark, you end up feeling guilty about it. Online dating puts you in charge. If you’re not interested, you can move on easily without the hard feelings.

3. You Can Always Look Your Best

Online dating lets you always put your best foot forward. From your profile pictures to your email replies, you can plan a perfect first impression.

4. More Options

With so many singles to pick from, you’re more likely to find exactly what you want. Practice makes perfect, and online dating gives you the chance to meet and connect with lots of people, even if you’re stuck with a busy schedule.

5. Dodge Mismatches Right Away

End up on a date with someone you didn’t really like? Online dating lets you feel out potential partners first — even check them out on Facebook— before the actual first date. That way, when you do connect, you’ll have better odds of a successful outing.

6. Find Dates — Anytime, Anywhere

Bored at work? Waiting for friends? Most dating sites have phone apps, butZoosk’s dating app was voted #1 among users. It’s easy to use and lets you take online dating from desktop to mobile seamlessly.

7. Online Relationships Last

A recent study concluded that couples who met online are able to find true love. They also appear happier and have lower divorce rates than people who met through more traditional methods….