There’s no doubt that being a single lady is definitely fun, but that doesn’t mean that you turn into some boring twosome when you enter a relationship. In case you need some reassurance while your single girlfriends are busy going on Grouper dates, check these out:

Real-talk: Being “Facebook official” is kind of awesome. Going from single to in a relationship with one little click feels as good now as it did when you were in college. Plus, all those “likes” and comments on your new relationship status totally give you warm, fuzzy feelings.

You know those times when you want to be alone—but not completely alone? That’s when your sidekick comes in. Whether you’re bingeing on Netflix together or taking a nap outside in the park, it’s totally normal to just enjoy each other’s company in silence.

You’ll save a ton on spa services. Seriously. From full-body massages to scalp-scrubbing shampoos, when you’re in a relationship you’ve got access to feel-good treatments you would have to pay for or DIY as a single lady. He’d probably even paint your toes if you asked nicely (and had low expectations). Obviously you’ll have to think of some way to return the favor. We can think of a few.

You might discover how much you actually love Game of Thrones. How would you know that Daenerys Targaryen was your dragon lady soul sister if it weren’t for his obsession with the TV show? And even if he isn’t into sword fighting, there are probably tons of things he likes doing that you would have never (read: never ever) tried if he didn’t make you. And that is a good thing.

He’ll play nurse. Even if you haven’t vowed to be there in sickness and in health just yet, he’s ready to help you through a hangover, the flu, or that epic UTI. And he comes bearing your favorite sick food. Score.

You have a legit excuse when you can’t handle another night out at a bar. Tuesday booze-day? Nope, you’ve got a hot date with your partner and they’re ordering a pizza. Boom.

You have a willing participant in any crazy sex experiment (or sexperiment, if you will) that you really want to try. Want to do it doggy style on the stairs? Done. Thinking about incorporating ice cube foreplay into your sexual bag of tricks? Knock yourself out. When you’re in a relationship, it’s totally fine to get a little creative without worrying that he won’t be into it.

Speaking of ready and willing, he’s usually just that. What’s better than waking up post-sex dream next to your guy whose package is totally ready for take off? At that moment, pretty much nothing.

You can delete your Tinder account. No more swiping, unsolicited penis pictures, or guys who do not look like they do in their profile. Ugh, sweet victory.

You get to split the cost of everything. Yes, you might be sharing literally everything, especially if you live together, but that sacrifice comes with a 50 percent off discount. Woo hoo!

You don’t have to deal with creepy guys at bars. Your single friends shouldn’t give these dudes the time of day either, but just one touch of your smartphone brings up the screensaver of you and your man and sends those guys on their way faster than you can say, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

You totally have an excuse to have a wedding-themed Pinterest board. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is two weeks old or has been going strong for two years. When you’re in a relationship, those mason jar lanterns just seem a little bit more doable and a little less cheesy.

You get free therapy. When you’re in an awesome, supportive relationship, you’re free to vent about work stress or drama with your friends without judgment (and in moderation obviously). Maybe it’s not exactly professional help, but he’ll listen and probably offer advice. Bonus: This guy loves you—and hopefully you can’t say the same for your therapist.

You’ve got someone to tell you that you look better than you think you do. Don’t get us wrong, you are gorgeous. But we all have those moments where our hair is doing that weird flipping out thing and we can’t get our eyeliner to go on right. That’s when he chimes in with some variation of, “Well, I think you look hot.” And all is right with the world.