They were the model couple when they dated and that bothers you now. Here are some reasons that indicate you have nothing worry about regarding his/her ex

You may have seen your current partner date their ex or may have simply heard about how great the two of them had been together when they were dating, from friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you should be obsessed over it. Here are a few sure fire signs that you need not obsess over your partner’s ex.

1. They chose to breakup: They chose to break up as two consenting adults and were not forced by family or circumstances to unwillingly part ways, there’s your first sign. You guy/girl chose you and chose to be with you after they walked away from them. Respect their choice.

2. They talk about their ex: Of course not an unhealthy amount of incessant chatter but they talk about how they bumped into them and caught up. This clearly means that they are not hiding anything from you and are comfortable about talking about them to you.

3. They don’t hide the relationship: Not even from their ex and not from anybody! Once you know you guys are out there in public, its clear. Your partner’s got eyes only for you and nobody else.

4. They love you: If you know that your partner truly loves you and is committed to you, does little things that make you feel like you’re special to them then you don’t need to worry at all. If they love you, they’re never going to go out there looking for love again.