Marriage in the biblical sense is a relationship between husband and wife where they share their marital bed. But keeping the severity out of our tone, this concept still makes sense in today’s day and age. Sleeping together in marriage is not just about making love. Sex is a part of married life but there are many more important reasons why married couples should be sleeping together.

These days, married couples are not sleeping together for a number of reasons. For example, they have different work timings and do not want to disturb each other while they leave for work. Sleeping together in a marriage seems to have less relevance now; it is more like a formality. But you will surprised at how not sleeping together can actually ruin your marriage bit by bit. Married couples should be sleeping together for many different reasons.

Intimacy in a marriage is of many types. And sleeping together helps you to work on these types of intimacy in a marriage. Here are some very important reasons why you should be sleeping together for your marriage to be on the right track.

Bedroom Talk Your bedroom is the only place where you actually get to do private talk if you are living in a joint family or once you have kids. Those 15 minutes of talking before you go to bed are very important for every married couple.
Spooning In Bed You do not have to make love every night. But spooning in bed which is basically hugging each other as you sleep is what makes you stay close as a couple.
Making Up After A Fight As they say, the only difference between marriage and war is that in marriage you can sleep with your enemy. Jokes apart, you cannot be angry with each other for long when you are sharing the same bed.
Frequent Lovemaking Whether you like it or not, physical love is an important aspect of marriage. And when you sleep in the same bed, the odds are that you will end up making love more often.
Sanctity Of Marriage The sanctity of a marriage in the religious sense begins with the bedroom. It is a sacred space that you share only with your spouse. And that is special feeling you should not be denying yourself.
In Your Pajamas They say that you do not know a man or a woman completely until you have seen him or her in pajamas. When you take off your day clothes and slip into sleepwear, you become a different person, would you really miss this side of your spouse?
Sharing Space Sharing space is an important aspect of marriage. You have given space to your partner in a marriage but you must also know where you have to claim space. And your bedroom is your personal fiefdom where you can claim space.
Doing Things Together Marriage is about doing things together. You are supposed to eat together, travel together and watch television together after marriage. Then how can you deny yourself the most basic requirement of marriage that is sleeping together?