Reasons Your Friends Are Avoiding You

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Losing friends is a common phenomenon. We keep losing touch with our old friends and they are replaced by new friends. Sometimes, losing friends can be really upsetting. This is especially true when you keep losing friends regularly. There are reasons why you are losing friends if it keeps happening all the time. If you really want to know why you are losing so many friends, then you should probably introspect.

Sometimes, breaking up friendship is not due to your own mistakes or a fight. It could also be situational. For example, you move out of your old city for work or you just get too busy with life. All these different reasons contribute to you losing out friends. In fact, losing friends when you are in a relationship is probably the commonest scenarios. Your friends are like your mirrors; they reflect things about you honestly and without tampering. You cannot reflect on yourself as well as your friends can do. So, it is important for you to understand the reasons why you lose your friends.

You have changed as a person We grow up and change as people. Are you the same person with the same likes and dislikes that you had in school? Definitely not; that is why your old friends don’t recognise you anymore. Your new friends will be more compatible with the new ‘you’.

You have become too proud Lady luck does not shine on everybody. You might have been lucky in getting a better job, spouse and lifestyle than your school friends. If you flaunt it too much, your old buddies will leave you.

You are in a new relationship It sounds a little cruel but being in a relationship is one of the main reasons for losing friends. The significant someone in your life will always compete with your friends for attention, time and importance.

You just got married Getting married is usually the worst killer of friendships. You get involved with family life after you get married and you no longer have the time to hang out with your single friends.

You don’t get time to keep in touch Sometimes, you lose out on friends just because you get too busy with your career. When you are in a high pressure job, you hardly get the time to meet your friends for catching up or even to keep in touch online.

You have had a baby After becoming parents, you entire universe is centred around the little miracle you have produced. One fine day you will realise that all your friends now are the parents of your kid’s friends.

You moved out to a new place When you leave the city where you grew up or attended college, you usually miss out on a lot of friends. This happens because you no longer have the time or proximity to meet up and share time.

You are still stuck in college Are you still getting drunk and having one night stands at 30s? It means you have not grown up and matured with your advancing age. Most of your friends would be married and planning a family by now. Why on earth would they hang out with a crazy fellow like you?