Reasons Every Woman Wants To Date/Marry A Strong Man


Understanding a woman is not like reading a book. It is much more complex than that. What women want is something that even women themselves cannot be sure of. Sometimes, they want men they can dominate. Sometimes, they want men who are chivalrous. But what women want most in men is a strong personality.

When we say that women want strong men, it does mean physical strength. A body like that of Sylvester Stallone would be a bonus of course. However, what women really want is a strong personality. They want their man to be someone they can depend on.

Here are some reasons why women want strong men in their lives:

Makes Their Life Easy

Having a strong man take care of you can be a good thing. He pays all the bills, he picks up your bags and he takes most of the tough decisions in your life. And what does that make your life? Easy. You can concentrate on keeping your nails dainty when he gets all the work done.

Strong Men Are Interesting

No matter how convenient it is for women to marry a whimp, the fact of the matter is that henpecked men are extremely boring. The types of men women want should be strong enough to interest them. Henpecked men are usually the last resort of an ageing maiden!

Not Mamma’s Boy

A man who has a strong personality would never be dominated by anyone and that includes his own mother. So a real man would not be the one who gets told by his mother how to run his life. That will solve a part of your mother-in-law problem.

The Knight In Shining Armour

Besides, a strong personality is part of a typical girlhood fantasy that most women have. The knight in shining armour who is strong but gentle comes to rescue the damsel in distress. Most women never outgrow this simple dream that is created by reading fairy tales. Strong men are usually chivalrous and protective; these are two qualities that women admire. In short, all women want a slightly tamed version of Christian Grey (Fifty Shades Of Grey) in their life. So never underestimate the value of having a strong personality when it comes to winning women’s hearts.