Having mused on this issue, I am yet to find anywhere it goes against the principles by which the society cohere.
I also believe that cooking should be an art/hobby one which women should be adept in. That way, we don’t look at it as a chore, something to beguile him with or hold it against him.
A lady should know a relationship that is worth slicing vegetable and onions for (i.e) don’t go cooking for every random dude.
There should be a limit to everything- this isn’t an exception.

Don’t go over-playing the “wife role” and end up with the short end of the stick.
If he doesn’t want/appreciate it -don’t do it.

Good Food is The Way to A Man’s Heart: I grew up hearing this from my mum and I would always ask her “Is it every man that likes food?”…lolz. She said the average (Nigerian) man does. The only way you would be interested in the way to his heart, is if you care….I guess, as a supplementary reason, it’s ok to say, cooking meals for him, shows you care…innih? hahaha.

A Good Woman is Frugal: Now, please don’t get it twisted ; I am not saying them Kilimanjaro and Genesis babes ain’t good. I am only saying, the economy is hard,you know’…..so, why spend all that money on something you can cook for less? I see nothing wrong in eating out once in a while and as a when due. To get a closure on your expenditure, you can start keeping receipts of your bills @ top notch restaurants , you’d be amazed on what you have spent so far. E fit reach to buy land sef. I think every “normal man”…appreciates a frugal woman.

What better way to regulate your diets/intake?: [This reminds me of a thread, that was centred on a Nairalander who ate in a restaurant and fell sick after.] That could have been your partner *shines teeth*
I really don’t trust any food that wasn’t prepared by me, let alone the one I didn’t see the conditions under which it was prepared. Lets not rule out the fact that, these foods may contain excess calories or some “subtle food poisoning”. Take over your meals and intake today.

I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that “cooking for your partner” isn’t entirely a bad idea