Reasons, breakfasts are a must have


We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but, for one reason or another, many of us skip it or just grab a bite, literally, on their way out. The benefits of breakfast are many, and here are just ten of them:

1. Fill the reservoir

You need energy to get you through the day, especially, through a busy day. After a good night’s sleep your body needs some fuel to get going. Don’t deny it this fuel, especially, since you may or may not have the chance to eat well later in the day.

2. Keep your weight under control

Oh, it may sound like common sense that the less you eat, the less you weigh, but it depends on when you eat it as well. Starving yourself through the day and gobbling a big dinner is a much worse option, than having a good, healthy breakfast and then, eating less at lunch and dinner.

3. Cut your risk of heart problems 

There are studies that have shown how eating a healthy breakfast can reduce the risk of things like heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. That’s probably because it reduces the risk of gaining excessive weight, which is among the causes of all these problems.

4. Improve your memory…

Other studies reveal that people who eat breakfast are better at remembering things. However, this is only true for a healthy breakfast, and it’s not about chocolate bars or three fried eggs with a couple of sausages. Sad, but true.

5. …and your concentration

As we already said, eating breakfast regularly is good for your body but it’s also good for your mind. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and helps you shed pounds, but it also wakes up your brain and makes it more alert.

6. …and your mood

Do you know anyone who feels happy when they’re hungry? Of course not. Hungry people are moody and irritable, in short: not great company. Besides, your rumbling tummy will distract you from your work or whatever you’re doing during the day.

7. Eat more healthy foods

Researchers have noticed a link between regular breakfast eating and overall eating habits. Apparently, people who skip breakfast tend to eat more fat and sugar throughout the day, and those who eat a healthy breakfast – tend to eat more healthy foods at other times of the day too.

8. Get the best from your gym visit 

Do you really think it’s good idea to sweat in the gym on an empty stomach? Where will you get the energy you need for the physical effort? Let’s face it: calories mean energy, nothing more. It is important what foods these calories come from, granted, but that’s what they are – energy! No calories equals no energy.

9. Eat your favourite foods 

If you have a busy lifestyle, you probably suffer chronic time shortage. That’s actually a common excuse for not having breakfast. But what if that’s the only opportunity to eat something you really like, because you’ll be on the move all day? Don’t miss it.

10. It’s quick and easy

Forget the excuse: “There’s no time”. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a long affair. You can boil some eggs in advance, and just peel one in the morning. Omelettes are also quick to make, aren’t they? And we won’t even start on fruit, cereals and yogurt. Remember, after all, that we’re talking about healthy breakfast. And if you do have the time, treat yourself to a homemade muffin. It will brighten up the day from the start!

Do you eat your breakfast?

Stay happy and healthy!