Being a real woman is an art mostly pleasant, but demanding some skills and knowledge. As we all know, there are no unbeautiful women, there are women who don’t know that they’re beautiful. A woman is only what she makes it of herself. There are some tricks that make a woman the real one, and help her to bear that name proudly. These recommendations aren’t the rules. The only definite rule is the inner feeling of a woman that she is the one and the only, but never just one of a kind.

A real woman is independent. She’s always busy on her own business. It can be whatever – job, hobbies, interests. She has no time to deal with the problems and affairs of others. That doesn’t mean she is selfish and takes no compassion on others. She will always be there for her relatives and friends willing to listen to their complaints and to help.

Make Love All Day

A woman shouldn’t solve man’s problems. This prerogative is male . A man is the one supposed to take care of a woman.

A real woman can’t ever be had over the barrel. She is always well-dressed with her hair and make-up done. Be ready that anything can happen all of a sudden. You’ll say it is hard to look nice all the time – for a real woman it’s a habit.

A woman should always stay calm and relaxed, behaving as if nothing in this world really troubles her. All the attacks of nerves and hysterics are not for public. You’d better never let them see you cry. Tears have a strong effect on men, but don’t abuse it.

Money shouldn’t become the necessity of real woman’s life. If she has money she spends it, when she is short of money she doesn’t care, or just pretends she doesn’t.


A real woman always has a couple of really good and expensive dresses in her wardrobe. They play the role of a parade costume for cases when it’s necessary to make an impression.

One can say there are only “must do” and “must have” for a so-called real woman. But there are many “free to do, or not to do” for her either. The most are provided by men who are ready to forgive her almost everything for just one charming smile, which is supposed to be saying “sorry”.

A woman can let herself be late. 10-15 minutes late is almost on time. 45 minutes –  he’ll be only glad that you finally appeared. It’s always better for a woman to be late, rather than to run in a hurry. Men tend to forgive a woman her mood swings, sudden changes of the decisions, promises forgotten and etc.

A real woman can let herself twist men round her little finger. She may stay mysteriously silent, complain that she’s bored, act stupid or start a passionate scientific argument. Nobody can make a woman answer a question if she doesn’t want to, and nobody can force her explain the reasons for doing/not doing this or that. Acting so capricious and unbalanced is a simple way to get a man attached to a woman. Don’t hesitate to make a man spend as much money on you as he can afford – he will never leave an object of capital investments.


A woman knows her worth, but makes everyone believe she’s priceless. Everything she does – she does it with elegance. She knows how to make men dance to her tune and she really enjoys it. She always stays independent, careless and free. She knows what she wants, and will never let anyone stay in her way. A real woman is quite self-confident not to care about the rumors or public opinion, holding her head up high.

If a woman wants to be a real one, she shouldn’t be afraid of changes and mistakes. It’s never too late to make another attempt.