Quick Tips about Stretch Marks


If you are one of those individuals who care about their appearance, stretch marks are basically one of the things you don’t want to have on your body. Yes! They are repellant and no one wants to have them on his or her body. To achieve this, you need to understand what causes them and how to get rid of them or lessen their appearance.

Stretch marks normally result from the moment your skin loses collagen and elastic. This loss may result from a wide range of factors including hormonal changes which are normally caused by prolonged use of steroids (cushing syndrome).

Causes of Stretch Marks

1. Rapid Growth – If a person gains weight quickly, their skin gets stretched quicker than normal, breaking the elastic and collagen. At first, these points emerge as reddish or purple stripes but with time, they develop into scar-like dark marks. This is why pregnant women usually get stretch marks. The midsection of a woman’s body enlarges at a faster rate than the skin is able to accommodate especially during the 3rd trimester. As a result, the skin fiber starts tearing leaving behind these marks.

2. Genetics – Another reason why someone may develop stretch marks is due to their genetic disposition. If the parents have developed scars and marks throughout their lives, then it becomes very likely that their children will develop similar marks. The theory put forward to connect genetics and these marks is that an individual may inherit defective connective tissues. These defects make it more likely that collagen and elastin will break up during hormonal changes during pregnancy or the teenage years.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

1. Massage – Perform in circular motion as it will improve the blood circulation and aid in reducing visibility of the stretch marks. You may use essential oils and moisturizers to enhance results.

2. Exfoliation – Exfoliation removes dead skin cells giving your skin a refreshing glow. One can use a gentle body scrub or a loofah with a choice of homemade exfoliation lotion or cream to get the job done.

3. Aloe Vera – This plant has healing capabilities that can enable your skin to stretch without scarring. It is a great skin moisturizer which is often used in preventing the development of stretch marks. You can apply Aloe Vera into the marks or the surrounding skin to reduce their visibility.

Although stretch marks may not be easy to avoid, there are natural methods you can use to avoid them and to reduce their visibility.