Some men are possessed with the inability to filter out certain things. They are just too straightforward for comfort. A lot of women accept statement malfunctions and just harbor them all in. When the time is right, she releases a very lethal drama simply because she stubbed a toe. This confuses guys. Boys, you can refer to that as the sound of liberation. Calling it plain drama is fine too.
Listen here guys, we know that you are eager to learn more about your date, but there are things that you shouldn’t ask a mature woman…ever.  These questions will no doubt kill your game:

“How many guys have you had physical contact with after the divorce?”

Substituting the word ‘sex’ with ‘physical contact’ is just a fancy way of asking if you’ve been sleeping around after the divorce.

It’s cruel and definitely none of your date’s business or anyone for that matter. If you’re still gauging a woman’s character based on the amount of men she’s had intercourse with, go back to high school.

“How many pounds did you gain since this picture was taken?”

A lot of mature women want to show the new guy how foxy they were back in the day so they show a throwback picture or two – sometimes, in a skimpy bikini. It’s one way for a mature woman to command a sensual appreciation so don’t slay the vibe.
The response that she wants to hear is this: “Wow! Gorgeous now and then. The way you dress, think and carry your self is irresistible.”

“Do your children misbehave that bad always?”

Kids are a no-go zone. Don’t cross that line because you might just encounter a mother whose mantra is ‘talk bad about my kids and you’re dead’. If you can’t take her unruly kid, just stop dating her. You’ll just be in an odd predicament if you continue to do so, but never say bad things about her kid/s. Even if mothers try hard to ignore or pretend that their kids are fine the way they are, they definitely know if they are brats. You don’t need to rub it in.
On the other hand, if her kid is not really misbehaving and you just said that because you don’t like kids in general, then you’re the brat. Resolve your issues and look for women who don’t have kids instead.

“What do you think was the main reason your ex-husband cheated on you?”

Insensitive is way too tame a word to describe this kind of man. Again, it’s none of your business. You cannot immediately judge the overall character of a person because of a single situation. People respond to various situations differently. If she was a bitch to her ex-husband, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’d be a bitch to your as well.

“My ex-wife used to do this amazing thing during sex. Have you tried this_________________?”

Fill in the blank with whatever your ex-wife used to do that left you brainless, hence the stupid statement plus question. You’re doing a crappy job if your main purpose for saying this is to get your date in the mood. For all you know, she has far better techniques than your ex. Excited? Great! You’ll never experience those now because you’re an inconsiderate a-hole.

“Have you reached menopause yet?”

Sure, ‘cause your sperms are that potent. If you worry too much about getting her pregnant, stay celibate. That’s the best way to go. Okay, if you really want to know, then be prepared to listen to a litany of hot flashes, menstrual issues, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, urinary incontinence, increase in sweat production and the like. You can’t say stop. You started it.

“Was that great or what?”

We’re going for the ‘or what’. There are the Insecure-but-in-a-cute-way kind of guys and there are the annoyingly insecure ones. You belong to the latter if you ask her this question.
Ladies, your response: “Do you really, really, really wanna know?”