A healthy marriage is one in which both spouses have a say. The opinions and ideas of each one are respected and decisions are taken unanimously. What is also true is that in the end, one common decision should prevail in order to avoid conflicting situations.

When it comes to money matters, a little bit of extra care and discretion is required. This is irrespective of the fact that both the husband and wife are working or only one member is earning. You must prevent fighting for money with your spouse.

Fights for money within a family can occur in many situations. At the same time, a careful and mindful member will have to take care to avoid it. What could be the possible reasons for these money fights in a marriage?

Money, as we all know, is a very sensitive thing in many situations. If a man is the sole earning member, he may want to see to it that every penny is spent with utmost care. If both are earning, a conflicting situation is likely to arise considering the nature of expenses. No matter what, money is a contentious issue and needs careful management.

Preventing money fights between spouses

Are you both earning or is it only one of you? It hardly matters when discussing the expenses of a household. What matters in the end is that needs of the family have to be met. And this has to be done in harmony. Here are few ways you can prevent fighting for money with your spouse.


Income is limited but expenses are unlimited. In order to prevent fighting for money with your spouse, it is important that both of your together come up with a family budget. Take into consideration every little need of the family and individual requirements. Divide your expenses into categories and try to allot adequate amount for every need.

Write down expenses:

When you have budgeted your family needs, make sure to write down every expenses. This is to help you know where you are spending what amount. This also helps you understand the areas in which you are exceeding your limits. Remember, setting up limits in the form of a budget is a way to manage expenditures. And when all expenses are out there in black and white, money fights in a marriage can also be avoided.

Compare budget and expenditure:

You plan and then you spend. There will definitely be a difference in the two amounts. Your job now is to sit down with your spouse and compare the two. When you do it together, both of you will know how much money is being spent on each category. Accordingly, you can pull the strings.

Keep it open:

Money earned by your spouse alone or by both of you ultimately belongs to the family. In such conditions, make sure to keep everything in the open. Both spouses should know about the expenses of the family. This takes you a step closer to prevent fighting for money with your spouse.

Savings plans:

All of us will grow old and will require some savings to take us through our old age. Consider this as a fact of life and together with your spouse make adequate arrangements to meet this need. Invest in a savings plan which will help you make your future secure.

Money is surely an important aspect of life but not the only one. What comes before that is peace of mind and a healthy happy life with the one you love. Prevent fighting for money with your spouse by adopting a healthy attitude towards life and make your money work for you.

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