The continent of Africa is consistently known for its negativity, the leadership situation of the continent is no difference from the torrent of challenges militating against it. In the West, leaders are elected for a term of office and after the expiration, he simply pack his bags and go. But there are Leaders in Africa that disagrees with such mantra. Why would a leader rather want to die in office than leave honorably even in midst of clamor for them to call it a day. I thought Mandela exited after just one term? Let’s take a peep in the category of leaders that see Mandela as alien. They are in descending order.



The Chadian leader who assumed office in 1990 after he took power through a rebellion against Hussene Habre and has since survived several rebellions of his own. With the people of Chad crying fowls, it seems the President have other ideas. After winning elections, in 2003 he abolished term limit to perpetuate himself in office.