Dear readers please help out this woman during this terrible time in her life by giving her some advice.

She had dated a man for four and in those years she had four abortions for him. Now her last abortion went south and because of the trauma she felt she broke up with him. In a year, he has two kids with his wife who is a co-worker he cheated on her with.

She later met and married a new guy a year later but the problem now is she can’t bear fruit as she is barren.

When she paid a visit to the Doctors to see what wrong, she was told that part of her womb has been destroyed due to her last abortion but that he will try to treat her to get a chance of a childbirth.

And now her ex is already expecting their third child.

The anger she feels inside is immense and when she wrote an email to the her exes family they both didn’t answer her.

How can she forgive this man and herself? There’s nothing she want more than to be a mum.

Can anyone help?