The party season is approaching and soon we’ll find ourselves celebrating the winter holidays. The bad thing is that after the party season your scale might show you that you have gained a few extra pound.

Here is what you can do to avoid gaining weight:

1. Joining a formal healthy eating forum/club
Support is a great thing when you are trying to cope with your bad habits. Join a forum or a club where you will meet more people who have decided to improve their health. Share your ideas and recipes, listen to other and find out if there are any hints and tips that might help you in the future. Regular weight checks will motivate you to compete and seek better results. Besides, there will always be an expert who will recommend you the best eating plan designed specially for you.

2. Hidden calories
Take into consideration the fact that whatever you eat influences your weight loss or weight gain. Your main meals can sometimes be followed by snacks. Do you count them? The problem is that most of snacks such as potato crisps, candies and cookies are high in calories yet do not provide any nutrients. Limits the amount of these products and replace them with nuts, seeds, dried fruits or vegetables.

3. Regular activity
You are lucky if your job involves some physical activity. However, if the largest part of your day is spent at a desk, then you should see if there is something you can do to decrease the amount of hours spent without exercise. Use stairs instead of a lift, stand while speaking on the phone or your colleagues. If your office is not too far from your home, take a bike or simply walk to your office. If you are strongly determined, then you might even want to join the local gym which is great if you want quick results.

4. Controlling your appetite
If you feel hungry more often than you think you should, you probably consume too many carbs. They contain the same amount of calories as protein does, however, carbohydrates do not satisfy your hunger. On the contrary, having the highest glycemic index, they make you feel even hungrier after a short period of time. What can solve the problem is if you consume more protein and limit the amount carbs. Remember that you are advised to eat even healthy whole grain foods in the morning and avoid them late at night.

5. Calorie counting
Calories in – calories out. That’s the only rule that works for sure. If you consume more calories than you burn, you are sure to gain weight. You can do a few things in order to consume the right amount of calories without making notes and calculating the food you consumed during the party. Healthy food can also be tasty. Include foods from the most important food groups to provide your body with all necessary minerals, nutrients and vitamins. This approach is better than calorie counting. Include lean meat, poultry, fish and low-fat milk product in your menu. Eat more vegetables and do not overindulge in fruits because they have sugars that might spike your hunger. Sometimes add nuts and seeds. Do not avoid olive oil either since all these products have low GI and are good for your health.