On the margins of the universe was one shop. Signboards on it long ago was not – it was once claimed the hurricane, and a new master did not nail down, because every local resident already knew that the store sells desires.

Shop was huge, here you can buy almost everything: huge yachts, apartments, marriage, vice-president of the corporation, money, children, beloved job, beautiful figure, winning the contest, big machines, power, success and much more . Not only sold life and death – was engaged in the head office, which was located in another galaxy.

Everyone who came to the store (and there are also those who wish that never went to the store and left to sit at home and just want to) first learned the price of its desire.
Prices were different. For example, a favorite work out of cost stability and predictability, ready to plan and structure their life of faith in their own strength and resolve yourself to work where like, but not where it is necessary.


Power cost a little more: I had to give up some of their beliefs, to be able to find a rational explanation for the whole, to be able to deny others know his own worth (and it should be high enough) to allow himself to say “I”, to assert itself, despite the approval or disapproval of others.

Some of the prices seemed strange – marriage could get almost nothing, but a happy life was expensive: personal responsibility for your own happiness and ability to enjoy life, the knowledge of his desires, aspirations refusal to conform to others, the ability to appreciate what it is, the resolution itself be happy, awareness of its value and importance, the rejection of bonuses “victim”, the risk of losing some friends and acquaintances.

Not everyone who came to the store was ready to just buy a wish. Some saw the price, just turn around and leave. Other long stood in thought, counting cash and wondering where to get more funds. Someone began to complain about the high prices, ask for a discount or interest sale.

And there were those who were getting all their savings to give a cherished desire, wrapped in beautiful paper rustling. On lucky enviously watched other buyers, the buzz that, the owner of the store – they are familiar, and desire got them just like that, without any difficulty.

The owner of the store is often offered to reduce prices in order to increase the number of buyers. But he always refused, because of this quality would suffer and desires.
When the host asked if he was afraid to go broke, he shook his head and replied that at all times will be daredevils, ready to take risks and change their lives, to abandon the familiar and predictable life, can not believe in yourself, have the strength and the means to In order to pay for the performance of their desires.

And on the shop door is already a hundred years hung announcement: “If your desire is not fulfilled – it is not yet paid for.”