Only Real Bikers Will Understand These 10 Things

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There are wheels and then, there are wheels that transport you to a different world. Ask any guy who owns a bike and he will tell you what that feeling is like! To them, it’s only way of living they know, a way to attain nirvana and an extension of themselves. They are the real bikers and these are 14 things only they will understand!

1. Learning to read the weather is an art form you need to perfect.

2. The high you get when you get to try out a cool new bike.

Just like these auto reviewers and bloggers got to experience when they were taken on a 2-day trail to test out the all new 300cc Mahindra Mojo on the scenic route from Bengaluru to Coorg and back. What a great way to test out the cool features, the incredible power and comfort of the Mojo instead of just relying on hearsay. Watch this video to know what one of the reviewers who went on the trail had to say.

3. Being truly alone and loving it!

4. Friends and family who can’t imagine why anyone who’s not depressed would want to spend 2 weeks on his own on the road.

5. The smile under the helmet when red-cheeked Himalayan kids wave at you.

6. Seeing something spectacular and not worrying about Instagramming it, but enjoying the moment instead.

7. Taking breaks on the road in the middle of nowhere instead of at some dhaba.

8. Helpful strangers who stop by to warn you about landslides; the helpful truck owner who gives you and your bike a ride when you are just too tired.

9. The feeling of pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere, with no one else for company.

10. Your stories are never about speed, or the time you took to get somewhere. It’s about enjoying the ride!

If you’re a real biker, we’re sure you will really love the looks and performance of the Mojo. Unleash your Mojo by taking a test drive by getting on to

Take a look at what the auto experts had to say about the Mojo.