For years, a message about how dangerous and poisonous uncooked leftover onions are has dominated the internet, creating undue panic and major scientific blunder.

The Onion post which came from a blog site in March 2008 went viral on major social media networks, while the original post has since been brought down in 2009. The false claims of Onions dramatically magnetizing bacteria if leftover till the next day has been amazingly accepted and believed by many.

The message, which is not a fact, listed so many negative effects of eating a leftover onion. Now, it is of utmost importance to note that there is no scientific evidence to prove this claim. Onions have not be confirmed to attract bacteria around it.

The truth is, when onions are cut, they give off sulfenic acids which restrain the growth of germs and thereby guiding against bacteria from its environment. This fact has been noticed due to the inability of bacteria to stay in an acidic environment. Bacteria can only thrive and grow in moist and neutral environment.

Feel free to use leftover onions which you have stored properly the day before, it is not poisonous, keep them refrigerated, wash them properly if the situation demands,and you can store them safely in zippered bags and use them within a day or two.

Although leftover onions are not poisonous, Onions lose nutrient value when stored over a period of time, hence, the need for it to be used on time. Onions however like other food items can be contaminated if it is held with dirty hands, cut on a contaminated surface and not properly taken care of like other food items.

Onions are not bacteria magnets, they are good to use, especially because they are high in vitamin C and are a good source of fiber and other important nutrients.