A marriage will not survive without several key ingredients. God’s guidance, a spiritual connection, love, commitment, sacrifice, and trust are just a few of those necessary elements that all go without saying. If any of them are missing, trust me, the relationship will suffer greatly. All of what is mentioned above is within each individual’s control.

In marriage, we are usually aware of all the right things to do, sometimes we might just choose to do something different. This is exactly why this one thing I am going to recommend is so important.

The one thing that all marriages need is other couples or people to hold them accountable.

Accountability and being challenged to make smarter decisions is what every person in a committed partnership needs. It’s easy to get caught up and find ourselves in situations we later regret. If we had someone who believed in the sanctity of marriage to remind us and coach us into being a better spouse and creating a stronger marriage, the greater our relationships would be.

Can you imagine the impact on the following scenarios if someone we trusted held us accountable?

Can you imagine if a married man who is tempted to cheat on his wife had one of his friends in his ear reminding him about how good being committed to his wife is going to feel. Or what if that friend told him to consider his family and what he stands to lose by cheating or to consider the regrets he would have if he makes the choice. Of course that man might still cheat, because people ultimately do what they want, but this type of accountability might make someone think twice.

If a married woman completely stopped trying in her marriage, but had her sister in her ear nudging her to put forth a greater effort and reminding her that her marriage needs her to show up, do you think that could change things? What if that sister was telling her that she deserves happiness and that it could be had in her marriage, do you think she would try harder? I think so.

What if a couple just couldn’t get their marriage back on track after going through a storm, but had another couple to minister to them, pray with them and challenge them to seek help, do you think things could shift? I think so.

Our marriages won’t benefit by having people in our lives who won’t hold us accountable. We need people who are going to tell us the truth, whether we like it or not. Our marriages need support. We must each challenge one another to always bring our “a” game when it comes to our most sacred relationship. Will you be that for someone?