I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. We just moved in together. We’ve met each other’s friends and family, and all that good stuff. Things are great!

But when do I stop referring to his friends as HIS friends? When do they become my friends?

Even after a year of dating, I caught myself telling someone we went out with his friends the other night. Shouldn’t they be my friends by now, too? When do I make the jump from becoming a plus one to becoming an invitee?

A few of us have added each other on Facebook, but we still really only hang out when he is around or all invites go through him. Do I become a friend when I get asked to hang out without him? Or is it when I start getting the calls and texts for us to come out to the bar?

It’s very likely I’m overthinking this, but don’t tell me no one else has ever thought this way!

I’m ready to stop being the significant other and actually being part of the group of friends. Maybe I need to take this into my own hands and initiate the exchanging of numbers myself. Maybe I need to be the one to propose a girls’ night out.

Is this something you’ve ever discussed with your significant other? Could you be stepping on toes by trying to make his friends your friends too soon? How does the friend game work once you’re in a steady relationship?