You can’t blame women for wanting equal pay for equal work. Why shouldn’t they make the same money if they can do the job? And as business people and entrepreneurs, they can hold their own just as well as men. After all, they have been managing households and budgets since the beginning of civilization.

But when it comes to relationships, are we ready to let the lady wear the pants? Is it a good idea for the ladies to do the proposing when it comes to marriage?

The answer is certainly up to the individual couple, but as a society, the overwhelming response is no. In fact, it’s a resounding hell no!


That’s one tradition that seems to prevail. A study was done less than two years ago at a university, where students – young people, so that means fairly liberal minds – where asked what they thought of the idea of the ladies proposing. Not one, not a single man, and get this – not one single lady – thought it was acceptable. The test went further and asked about the ladies changing their last name to the man’s, as well as the man’s changing his to the woman’s, and once again the overwhelming response was uh-uh. In fact, 64 percent of men said they would be unwilling to change their name.

The bottom line is this: intelligent people believe that women should be cherished, given special treatment and protected. Tradition rules!

7 Reasons Why Women

Here are some reasons why this tradition of the man gallantly – and that means on one knee with a ring – stands strong.

• The woman asking the man makes her seem desperate.

• The woman asking the man makes it seem as if the man is weak and not an equal and in fact a bit subservient.

• Such a proposal from the woman to the man, especially done in public, is downright emasculating.

• It robs a man of his moment to show humility and vulnerability, to make a commitment. And for some men, that’s a huge step, so why would you want to rob him of that moment to be chivalrous?

7 Reasons Why Women

• A woman deserve that moment to be put on a pedestal and to hear her man finally say “I love you so much” in a way that honors her and allows him to express his true feelings.

• A man is most likely not going to wear an engagement ring. In fact, another study showed that 83 percent of men said they wouldn’t.

• It’s a chance for a man to be incredibly romantic without losing face to his boys or even her.

A marriage proposal is steeped in tradition, a tradition that has so many meanings for both people. It’s probably the most special moment in a relationship. It’s downright beautiful to see the emotions of both of them – him as a real man showing his strength to be expressive – and her as a woman expressing her acceptance of him to be her partner in life and love. It’s a beautiful thing that needs no fixin’!