Some few days ago, DJ Khaled unveiled the details of “I’m the One,” an upcoming music banger featuring Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and Quavo.

Life is good in DJ Khaled’s new video for “I’m the One.” The hip-hop connector is living it up at a lavish California mansion with immaculate gardens, his six-month-old viral sensation son Asahd is on the scene and Khaled is surrounded by his usual crew of A-listers to “celebrate life, success and our blessings.”

DJ Khaled has been hyping up the song all week, which is, of course, his greatest skill way of doing thing

The action opens on a smiling Asahd chilling in his executive producer chair on set as popa dials up Chance the Rapper and asks him to invite Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and Migos’ Quavo to the house for a celebration. “I’m the one, yeah/ Hear you sick of all those imitators/ Don’t let the only real one intimidate ya,” a shirtless Bieber sings over the rubbery bass line as women in bikinis slowly trot by on horses.

The action continues as Quavo promises to make all your dreams come true, Khaled practices his croquet game and Chance raps, “when I met her in the club I asked her who she felt/ Then she went and put that booty on the Gucci belt.” From there, it’s a basically flexing in the garden maze and chilling at a pool party where the ratio is wildly skewed in the crew’s favor.

“I’m the One” will be featured on Khaled’s upcoming tenth album, Grateful.

Watch “I’m the One” video below.