I used to date a girl in high school, but at the time, I never took her serious, never showed her any significant care. After some time, we went our separate ways and lost contact.

Five or so years passed, and she contacted me, then met me in person, begging me to “take her back,” saying how much she loved me. She said she left me because she felt hurt by my indifference, but her feelings never went away in all those years we’d spent apart.

Though I had been seeing someone, I also didn’t feel happy with them, so I gave this ex hope by promising her to think about “us”. We started off as “friends”. It wasn’t very emotional from my side, as I only enjoyed her affections.

Of course, eventually I cheated on my steady but boring girlfriend with this ex. Actually, she lost her virginity to me.

I’ve started to care more about her. Partially, it was because I’ve grown attached and used to her, but also because I’ve really started to see what kind of person she is and value her more.

After lots of pleading on her part, I eventually broke with my girlfriend, so we started seeing each other again, and I professed my love to my newly-found first girlfriend. But things changed quickly.

We’ve “officially” been together for a year, and in this time, she disappeared twice for several weeks without calling me and never explaining where she went off to. She stopped showing her affections, she often snaps at me and demands that I buy her new clothes and sponsor her travelling.

I’ve fallen in love with her, but it seems that she’s fallen out of love with me! Sometimes I even suspect she’s getting her revenge on me… What do I do? Please, help me!