Recently, I  have being looking for ways and tips to work on my 4c hair and i found a lot of tips but one that caught my attention is the one to define my curls, which was kind of hard to believe at first because what i was taught, was that 4c hair have a bit of non-visible curl with emphasis on the non-visible but people seem to say that these maximum hydration method worked wonders on their hair so I’m planning to try it out and also i figure i should share it with you guys, in case you will like to try it out.

There are 5 steps in the process:
1st: Clarification
2nd: Co-wash and finger de-tangle
3rd: Clay rinse
4th: Leave in conditioner
5th: GelActually the 4th and 5th steps are done together.So here are some videos and website to check out in case you are interested in this method:PART 1:Cherry Lola treatmentPART 2:The clay application vidPART 3: Result and review of the whole process and how the process worked for her.

These 3 videos  explained the process in a more understanding ways and also, i found a more cheaper version of this method because most of these products are expensive and the process is time consuming, so here is the one that is more cheaper and easier in my opinion:

There are more videos on YouTube concerning this method,so you can check more out and i will advice that you research more on it before you venture into it,Here is a website(Link) that will also help: