Help Me share this to Your readers as i need urgent and objective replies.How long can a woman wait for her man to get good job so he can settle down and marry her? I have been dating my current boyfriend since we met in NYSC camp, Batch A in 2010. We met while registering at the camp as he helped me with my luggage. He is sweet and caring. To say the truth, He is a gentle man, and every girl’s dream. After our service year, I was retained in the law firm where I served as a lawyer. However, He wasn’t retained and He has been looking for a job since we concluded NYSC. He keeps reassuring me that all would be fine and that as soon as he gets a good job, He would make all necessary arrangements and we would get married and be settled. Now, this is 2014, and he doesn’t have a job yet. Tee, I don’t know if i can wait any longer. I can’t count the number of clients that has asked for my hand in marriage. I have been rejecting their offer because of my boyfriend Godwin. Now, I’m thinking of breaking up with him and accepting the proposal of one of these men. I am a woman, and not getting any younger. I would be 29 by June this year. What do you think? Should i go ahead with the break up?