The answer is simple: Seek help. You are focusing a great deal on the lack of s*xual and physical intimacy in your marriage. While these things are very important, they cannot sustain a marriage. You should strive to address what I perceive to be spiritual and emotional challenges with your husband. Explore whether he is emotionally or physically challenged in regards to making love.

In working with hundreds of men over the years, I have learned that men’s decision to withdraw from having s*x or expressing intimacy stems from two areas: emotional distress and/or s*xual dysfunction. Once you identify your husband’s challenge, you will be better equipped to determine if you should remain married. Furthermore, you will learn how to respond to him appropriately.

I do not believe that a wife or husband should walk away from his or her significant other if the person has potential and is willing to grow. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that a man or woman will not change unless he or she wants to do so. So, do not think that you can change your husband if he does not want or desire help. You can support your husband and ask him to attend professional counseling, but if he refuses, then what? Pray about it and seek God’s guidance. If he refuses to seek help, you should still consider it for personal growth.