Moving Into Your New Home

You don’t move every month or even every year. Logical that a mistake sometimes slips through. But many moving mistakes are easy to avoid by preparing a little better. We will help you on your way with this checklist with relocation errors that you really don’t want to make anymore.

1. Too Little Attention To The Relocation Quotation

Do you have your belongings moved by a recognized moving company? A great idea that will save you a lot of work and relocation stress, But don’t make the mistake of paying little attention to the quote. What about guarantees and insurance? Do the movers also pack the things in and out, or do you do that yourself? And how many moving boxes are needed? 

Give the mover all the information he needs to prepare a good quote. And always request several so that you can compare. Not only on price but also on the services and the feeling you have with the mover.

2. Taking Action Too Late

Admittedly, a lot will come your way when you move. Yet, many people wait too long to take real action. Call the moving company for that quote as soon as you know you are going to move. Movers are often busy, and a move must be well planned. The same applies if you want to do it yourself – with the help of friends or family. The earlier people know, the more likely you are able and willing to help. There is also a lot to arrange administratively (see also the next point), which you have to start on time.

3. Forgetting Changes Of Address And Contracts

Don’t underestimate this. Just reporting your change of address to authorities is quite an administrative job, so you don’t have to wait too long. Start with the most important authorities, such as your new municipality. Many government services will then follow automatically. Also, consider current contracts with companies that you have to convert to your new address. 

4. Losing Important Documents

You won’t be the first to lose your passport, driver’s license, or car documents in the disarray of a move. Whether you pack your own things or if the movers do, you better make sure you have such documents on hand before you have to go through a hundred moving boxes.

5. Not Packing Your Things (Properly)

If you don’t want to think about this, it is best to leave this to a recognized moving company. If you do it yourself, you must provide the correct packaging material to get your things safely to your new address. In addition to sturdy moving boxes in various shapes and sizes, you also need wrapping paper, tape, labels, and markers. And perhaps the most important thing to remember: please start on time.

6. Do Not Label Moving Boxes

If you can avoid this common mistake when moving, you will save a lot of time and hassle. Make sure to label each box with what’s in it and which room of your new home it should go into Kitchen, living room, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, attic, and so on. This way, when you want to furnish your new home in Abbortford, BC, the movers know exactly which box belongs where and you will not soon be looking for the wrong way.

7. Not Thought Of A Moving Lift

How did your things ever get into your old home? If you used a moving lift then, you would need it again now. If you didn’t have a moving lift back then, you might need one now because you now have a lot more furniture and stuff. Make no mistake. There is always more interior coming out of a house than you think. Every move is smoother and easier when there is a moving lift.

8. Not Enough Help On The Move Day

Are you moving with the help of family or friends? Make sure you prepare everything well. This way, it is best to have everything packed before they have to carry around. Do you lack help? Then it takes a long time before your house is empty. Too much help is not ideal either, because then you get in each other’s way.

Just make sure you keep it a bit cozy on the day of your move. Your family and friends are busy too, just like you. They do you a favor by devoting their valuable time to your move. Provide a snack, a sandwich, and a cup of coffee in between, and a refreshing drink afterward.

9. Forgot To Measure

Do all the furniture you have in your current home actually fit in your new home? And not unimportantly: does that one corner sofa or that American fridge fit through the front door? Measure the dimensions in advance and take apart furniture that can be taken apart.

10. Incorrect Loading Of Moving Van

Packing a moving van is easier said than done. If you have the option of leaving this to a professional moving company, do so. Otherwise, make sure you are well prepared with a hand truck, work gloves, a ladder, and the right packing and filling material. Designate one person to load the moving van and instruct the others what he needs next. 

The moving van is the first to load with heavy household appliances such as the washing machine and refrigerator. You put this against the back wall that borders the cabin.

After that comes the heavy furniture and then the smaller furniture. You fill the space completely with moving boxes that you stack up to the moving van’s ridge. Be careful with items that are too heavy on the sides of the cargo area.

Conclusion: You Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When Moving

If you have read this far, you can also draw the conclusion yourself: moving is not easy. The biggest mistake you can make is underestimating the work. By preparing well and working with a checklist, you can avoid the most common mistakes when moving. Do you dread the stress of a move? Then outsource the work as much as possible and instead focus on making your new home cozy. Good luck with your move!

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