When you’re a billionaire, you literally never have to worry about money troubles and you’re living in the lap of luxury and wealth for the rest of your life. That is, of course, if you’re being wise with your money and not spending it on absurd things. Most billionaires are business executives who have been investing and receiving a massive amount of profit back on their hard work. Celebrities make millions, and yet billionaires are a completely different species of rich people. When you have not only financial stability, but have the most expensive items available to you, sometimes it leads to the worst decisions on what to spend your money on. It can be argued that billionaires are on a completely different wavelength, if not totally alien to spending money. When one is poor or living paycheck to paycheck, budgets have to be made, and purchases are done only on important items that are necessary to live, like food, shelter, and bills.
The billionaires on this list have made some pretty absurd purchases over the course of their wealth. What makes their purchases absurd and ridiculous is that they could have gotten the items on this list at a much cheaper price without the gold and frills of embellishments or decorations. The typical mindset today, especially in North America, is to look for the best value and always find ways to save money. The billionaires in this video couldn’t be farther from that mindset. There is no concept of budgeting, and if there is something that the billionaire wants, he can get it at a pretty price and it won’t hurt his wallet.
For example, Chinese billionaire Hu Zhen Yu spent over $329 thousand dollars on a Dutch pigeon for breeding. For whatever reason, rich people have taken a liking to racing pigeons. Given that pigeons are found all over the world in multitudes, the idea of buying a pigeon for that much money is pretty absurd. Then we have David Koch, who is worth $19 billion, who spent a large amount of money on a hot air balloon for a national tour around the United States to prove that climate change wasn’t real.
Cars are typically what rich people will spend their money on, as it is both practical and they can show off their wealth by enhancing their car with different embellishments. However, British radio host Chris Evans took the luxury car and kicked it up a notch by spending $19 million dollars on a Ferrari 250 GTO from the 1960’s. On one hand, you don’t want to drive the car because you don’t want to get it messed up. But on the other hand, not using that extraordinarily large purchase seems really silly.
There are more absurd things that have been bought by billionaires in this video. As you watch, think about what you would spend your money on if you have billions of dollars to burn. Would you be frivolous like the people in this video? Or would you be more careful with your money and be more practical?