1. Jessica Kylie

The vivacious Jessica Kylie, formerly known as Miss Rabbit, is a gorgeous, curvaceous bombshell if there ever was one. Born and raised as a Houston girl in Texas, Jessica has both Irish and Latin roots, and keeps her hands full being a caring and loving mother, an ambitious world traveler and model. All without breaking a sweat.

While juggling the demands of being a single mother, her astute personality and ambition allow her to travel the world, model, and grace the covers of multiple magazines, all with an inexhaustible stride. Having been on the covers of so many different magazines, her initiative has allowed her to be even more ambitious – being a personality on the Latin television station, Mun2.

But Jessica does not stop there. She will also continue to allow her career as a model and aspiring actress to grow into new endeavors, like her own clothing line that lets her explore her love for fashion. The mesmerizing Jessica Kylie is definitely here to stay.Jessica-Kylie

2. Genny Miliano


Curvalicious Genny Miliano was born and raised in New York City, and knew those bright city lights were calling her name since she was little. From Pageants to Musicals, she loved all entertainment while in grade school.

Genny was a size 12 in her late teens, while the other models were half that size, but she had those irresistible. Being a plus size model is not something she lets get in her way and continued in the pursuit of her dreams.

Miliano has appeared several times in Seventeen magazine, Glamour magazine, and she’s gonna be giving the fashion world a run for their money. Truly a one of a kind, inside and out, and all around. Magic and fireworks erupt when she looks into that camera. And that sexy, kinky, curly hair, accompanied with her beautiful, soft skin tone? Heavenly.Genny Miliano


3. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, born in the year of ’87, hails from humble Lincoln, Nebraska and is currently killing it as a plus-sized model. Best known for showcasing plus-size clothing store Lane Bryant. This thick brunette knockout graced the cover of Elle Quebec and has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Latina – while also blessing her greatness onto several Levi’s campaigns.

Ashley has been quite the hustler, letting her talents expand to editorial, runway, commercial work and more.

But that doesn’t even come close to why she is truly amazing. On top of all the media exposure, Ashley continues to be an active role model for women and young teenage girls, specifically being a dedicated speaker at high schools. Motivating these young ladies to accept and love their natural bodies and never being ashamed to say what Kendrick Lamar has been saying since August of last year – “I love myself!”April_Out79_A_012_348489_01

4. Olivia Jensen


Midwestern bombshell Olivia Jensen works with AllGoodThings.tv – the entertainment hub that vows to introduce viewers to indie movies, comics, music and more. She is 25 years old, standing at 5’6 and is a total doll. But aside from looking fabulous for Youtube watchers, there’s something else that Olivia loves devoting her time to and that’s being a nanny. She absolutely loves children and feels that being a nanny makes her a “stepmom” in a certain sense. Olivia originally went to school for theater and dance, and she has a natural talent for acting.

One of her most popular videos on Youtube, with nearly 5 million views, is what she calls a “AGT DIY Tutorial”, encouraging the classic adage of Do-It-Yourself. Specifically in this video, she shows her fans how to make distressed denim jean shorts old of an old pair of jeans. Sexy and crafty.

Olivia is a Youtube enthusiast, but she has made the personal decision to not have an active Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. In fact, there have been fake accounts posing as Olivia, and instead of exploding with frustration and anger, she did the classy thing and politely let her fans know that were she ever to jump on the social media bandwagon they’d be the first to know.olivia_jensen

5. Crystal McBootay

Introducing the lovely Crystal McBootay! They also call her Thickness.

Crystal is of Irish and French descent, and she attributes her bright and positive personality to her loving and caring parents. She enjoys going to the beach, bike riding, spending time with her little Jack Russell called Lily – named after her favorite flower.

Crystal attended Ink ‘n Iron back in 2009 in Long Beach, and was able to speak with a number of different models, asking questions regarding what she had already accomplished up to this point. She was overwhelmed with excitement as she gained very positive feedback from each of them. Not to mention the countless comments about her glorious McBootay.

She will be the Covergirl for the birthday/anniversary edition for Garters and Grills Magazine coming out in June. And she will continue to spread her message of being curvy, thick and proud.Crystal McBootay