Breakups suck. But nothing sucks more than wondering how the other person feels about you. Do they still love you? Do they still care? And while we all wish that we could be a mind reader, especially when it comes to relationships, there are a couple of signs that can give you insight into what your ex is thinking and if they miss you.

1. He Asks Your Mutual Friends About Your Dating Situation

If he didn’t miss you, he wouldn’t care about who you were dating. He would be moving on with his own life and moving on from your relationship.

If he’s still keeping tabs on who you’re dating, that means he still thinks about whether or not he has a chance with you.

2. He’s Not Dating Anyone New

If you find out that your ex hasn’t been out and about with anyone new, they’re probably still missing you. Some wounds take longer to heal. Your ex might still be licking theirs.

3. Your Ex Is Always Flaunting Their New Bae

Conversely, if your ex found someone new almost a little too fast and is throwing it in your face, it could be a sign that they’re acting out and want you to feel jealous. The showier the relationship, the less it’s real love.

4. You Keep Running Into Him “By Accident”

If you keep on accidentally running into your ex at social events, it might not be an accident! Even if you guys have the same friends and are in the same social circle, there’s a chance your ex could be planning run-ins on purpose. If they keep on peeking glances at you from across the room, then they’re probably pining away for you!

5.They’re Always Creeping Your Instagram

After a breakup, it’s probably best to not stalk your ex’s social media, as it can lead to torture and pain. But if your ex seems to be willingly putting themselves through that torture and pain by liking your posts on social media, you can be sure that they’re missing you. They’re likes mean they still like-like you.

6. You Get Late Night Phone Calls Or Texts

If your ex texts or calls you, it only means one thing – they’re thinking of you. And if they call or text you late at night, it only means two things — they’re thinking of you and they’re thinking of something else.

7. He Criticizes The New Partner You’re Seeing

If you tell your ex you’re seeing someone new and their response is to criticize that person, then it’s a pretty good sign they still have feelings for you. Nobody is good enough for you because nobody is them.

8. They’re Always Talking About The Past

If your ex keeps on bringing up the good times you had together, they could be missing those times they won’t stop mentioning. Chances are, they want to relive that amazing time at the beach last summer…with you specifically and not anyone else.

9. He Keeps “Joking” About Missing You

In fact, if your ex mentions missing anything about you — and not just the times you shared — it’s a telltale sign they’ve been thinking about you. If they keep on bringing up your cute, lil’ laugh, they want to hear more of it. Looks like someone’s not over you!

10. He Drunk Dials You

Alcohol brings out the truth in a lot of people. Drunk dialing you means that his true desire is to talk to you again – but sober he’s holding that desire in check. When he’s drunk, his brain isn’t strong enough to hold it back. So if he’s drunk dialing you – yeah, it’s a strong bet that he misses. You

11. He Sends You Booty Calls

This one often goes hand in hand with the sign above it. That is, it’s more likely to happen if he’s drunk, but if it happens it means he’s been thinking about it a lot.

If he’s booty calling you, do you really need a road map to tell whether he misses you? This is a slam dunk sign.