Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

Please remember these 7 items before you open your mouth and speak on someone else’s situation:

1. What people do in their own lives that does not affect you, IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS

2. You should be focusing on your own problems, I’m sure you have some

3. Think about how you feel when people prejudge you or get into your business.

4. If you don’t have something nice to say, at least be quiet.

5. No one cares to hear your every thought. (That’s what Twitter is for.)

Angry-Black-Woman6. Think before you speak (This tip is really handy. It helps you to not make too much a fool of yourself in front of others)

7. You should spend that extra energy working out. This increases your endorphins and therefore makes you feel happier. Happy people have no time to be negative or worry about what someone else is doing.
I hope these reasons are enough for you to stop meddling. You can apply this advice where ever you deem necessary. The bottom line is when you openly speak in judgement or negativity it just makes you look pathetic. It also tends to make the people in earshot desire you less. Who knows, your future mate may have been in the room. A true sign of how a person feels about themselves is how they treat and respond to other people. Be careful, your self esteem (or lack there of) is showing!