“You’re done” is the statement that tortures most women and men who are single and between 50 and death. It’s all part of this grand scheme of mortality that once we hit midlife, the graph immediately plunges beyond the y-axis.
Our 20s were a great time for almost everyone. Being friends with gravity alone made those years special. In your early 20s having imperfect tan lines as your major worry is considered normal. You won’t get frowned upon. Beyond that is deep and unnecessary.
But as we get older, we know – I mean, really know – that physical attributes alone will not make you celebrate 50 golden years with the someone of your dreams.
As you ponder on that Jurassic idea (dating is not for older people) while you sit in the precipice of hitting another year wiser, please consider the things that makes looking for love at this stage in your life so, so, so much better!

Less drama
One of the woes of juvenile dating is the unnecessary drama. There’s just too much of it! It seemed okay then but as we get older, we realize that most (if not all) of those are a whole lot of crap, and that’s very liberating.
Older people have a more dynamic approach in different situations. They are able to adjust their emotional response immediately due to cognitive and visceral stability. The abundance of emotional know-how as well as having a better understanding of right and wrong has afforded older folks to be more tolerant and less judgmental.

Handle rejection better
We said better, not completely. When you’re younger, you have this ideal mindset that all good people should be loved, you’re good, ergo, you will be loved. That mentality fades away as one gets older. You’ll realize that even with a saintly attitude, you will get burned. That acceptance of reality makes a whole lot of difference.
Mature people learned to live with the shades of gray that’s far more than fifty. They have enough grace and logic to counteract homicidal tendencies. When someone gives them the “it’s me, not you” speech, they believe it. “Of course it’s you, you fetid buffoon!” Of course, expressing your feelings (once is enough) after a blow is part of the whole thing that makes life just a tad bit beautiful and that’s a-okay.

Afford lavish dates
Eating a slice of day-old pizza at a boyfriend’s house is cool for unknowing youths who still believes in the Romeo and Juliet type of love. They both died, by the way so…..
Mature people have more financial freedom. They can afford to treat their dates to fancier places. Having a mind-blowingly awesome dry-aged, 12-point marbling Wagyu steak and a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild Red Bordeaux Blend Pauillac 1996 is what you call a ‘date’, kids. Add an intellectually stimulating conversation (read: devoid of the Kardashians) with that, and you have one hell of an unforgettable time.

A solid F-U confidence
This is what your 20 and even 30 year old self would seriously kill someone to attain. Years of triumphs and adversities have molded mature people into having the right kind of confidence. Midlifers are well aware of who they are, what suits them and what doesn’t. They have crossed the line of pretension and are more focused towards reality, and that is the real definition of sexy!