This message will be meaningless to countless number of youths who are not ready to take responsibility for their lives. I deem it expedient sharing this message after realizing that majority of us have resigned to the frustrating predicament of the national unemployment syndrome, and as such, many of us have relaxed, blaming the Government and wallowing in the “someday Isle”, thinking someday, things would change for good, while we do nothing to take responsibility for our lives.

As it’s the responsibility of the citizens to hold their leaders responsible/blame them for the national failures, so It’s your responsibility to hold and blame yourself for your failure!

I gave the preamble above so as to provoke your thought and wake your subconscious mind. One thing we should understand is that as we waste time grumbling and doing nothing about our lives, time is going and the quality of that certificate you are carrying about is depreciating, age is a worrisome factor in the labour market now, so, what are you doing about your unemployment status??

The unemployment rate and status in this country is truly pathetic, in the true sense of employment, only 20% of us are employed, majority of us who raise shoulders that we have jobs are under employed, while the rest are unemployed.

Let me tell you a bitter truth today, if you think you have one uncle or someone somewhere who will help, my brother, you are just wasting your time, 98% of people who renders sincere help in life are strangers or someone you are not related in anyway, the rest 2% may now be family member, so, take your mind off that and get your thinking refreshened.

Let me give some simple principles from my understanding and experience. If you are unemployed take this simple steps, and see if your life won’t change for the best in the shortest possible time.

1. Do as much fasting and prayer as you can, seeking God’s mercy, favour and divine connection.
2. Go out everyday corporately dressed and go to environments where you could meet people that matters, in fact, you can go into any office, ask them what they do, and how would they compensate you when you bring customers, from there, you’ve created a platform for meeting new set of people in your life.

3. Watch the company of friends you keep, now you need to consciously chose your friends, chose those who could help your career or motivate you to be great

4. Stop saying I’m not a marketer, if you can’t market your self, who will market you? Who will buy/ employ you?

5. Read as much motivational books as you can and see how many billionaires in the world rose from nobody to somebody,follow their footsteps,.and see what comes out of it.

6. Engage in a creative thinking, look for a particular problem of the people and how you can provide solution to it, so that money can move in your direction, there is no how you have what people need and they won’t pay for it.

All these are my little contribution to make CHANGE in this country. I wish we are all successful in life….that’s my sincere wish, and it shall come to pass.

Love you all.