The Guide
What is it the modern woman looks for in a partner? More to the point, what is a modern woman?! Is there any such thing? This is going to be a learning experience first and foremost. The more women you meet, the more you are going to be able to tell what traits and characteristics you like and what you don’t like. Your usual ‘type’ might not be your ‘perfect type’. The first thing you have to do is to keep an open mind. So below are a few things to bear in mind with every woman you date. This is a rough guide designed to help you learn how to find the woman that’s right for you. I don’t like saying ‘woman of your dreams’ because the reality is often far more attractive and interesting.

1. Make time for her
If you think that you can be clever and organise several dates on the same night, think again buddy. You need to give her and more importantly, yourself the time to get to know each other. This isn’t a sprint. It’s a social occasion. She’ll respect and like you more if you put in the proper amount of effort in trying to get know her.

2. Be realistic with your selections
Setting the bar high is great! However, if you think that going out with a tall leggy blonde with big breasts and a nice arse is the ultimate solution than you’re an idiot. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a tall leggy blonde with big breasts and a nice arse (far from it), but you need to look beyond the breasts. You’re going to have a much better time by going for personality over physicality. Try looking at someone’s interests, likes and dislikes a little more before arranging a date. That way you’re more likely to end up dating women you like and not just drool over.

3. Be a gentleman
Ignore what any ultra right wing feminist says (they’re the wrong type of feminists anyway), women still like a man to be a gentleman when out on a date. I’ve had several experiences where I thought that if I spent the evening ignoring my date and talking to other people, my date would be more attracted to me. Imagine my surprise when I turned round to ask her if she wanted another drink, and all I saw was an empty seat. Show your date the respect she deserves and be a gentleman.

4. Remember your sense of humour
Women love a guy who can make them laugh. Your six pack and toned biceps are worth 1% whereas an evening of fun and laughter are worth 99% to a lady. I’m not saying you should go with jokes prepared – women can see that a mile off and it’s not funny. All I’m saying is learn to laugh at things and, most importantly, at yourself. If you can’t see the humour in life, then you are not going to enjoy your dates. Remember dating is supposed to be fun! Why would you not want to laugh?!

5. Be patient and understanding
Would it surprise you to know that the lady sitting across the table from you is just as nervous as you are? Women get shy as well. Don’t write someone off just because they’re quiet at first. Be patient, be polite and let your lady know that she has nothing to worry about.

6. Be resilient
If you are to have any hope of enjoying your dating then you need to develop a thick skin. Building up resilience to things like rejection, weirdness, and insanity is essential. You’re going to meet women you like but who don’t like you. You’re going to meet women who like you but you don’t like them. This is normal! Be resilient because your next date could be the ultimate click.

7. Show interest
Dating takes commitment and energy. If you’re tired, have a bad diet and/or are drinking heavily then your energy reserves are going to be low. You’re not going to be interesting or interested. Your date will see this and form a negative opinion of you. Show some interest. Look after yourself and your date will be impressed with your energy.

8. Don’t forget who you are
Otherwise known as ‘Be Yourself’. Women hate men who lie. If you haven’t visited deepest darkest Peru, don’t say you have just to impress your date. You’ll look like an imbecile when it’s discovered the furthest you’ve been is your local train station. Trust your own personality to shine through. It will help you learn whether or not you’re a proper match with each other. WOMEN HATE MEN WHO LIE!

9. If you’re shy, let your lady know
If you’re naturally shy don’t panic. You can make a joke out of it before meeting up. Respect your date and trust your own personality. If she wants to meet you she will; shyness or no. After a few dates, you’ll find that Mr. Confidence starts shining through naturally.

10. Don’t lie to your date
The top things women lie about on their profile are Age, Appearance and Weight. The top things men lie about on their profile are Age, Height and Income. Here’s an important tip: DON’T LIE! WOMEN HATE MEN WHO LIE! You will always get caught.

Now that you’re prepped, it’s time to start the challenge. Time to discover if you’re the man you want to be. Can you find the right click?